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Adopt Gogan


Gogan has lived in Way Kambas National Park all his life. He was first photographed as a cub with his 2 sisters Mayang & Tessy on 30th June 1999. His parents are Buyung & Upik. We have lots of pictures of Gogan over the years as you can see below.


Gogan, Mayang and Tessy (30.06.1999)

Gogan pictured in 2000

Gogan pictured in 2007

Gogan pictured 2008

Gogan pictured 2008

Gogan pictured 2008


Gogan has now started his own family with Christina and has 2 cubs. We don't have names for the cubs, however if you'd like to name one for £250 please contact us on 01229 466086 ext 0 or email us on Also we have our most recent pictures of Gogan which were only taken a few months ago, he is still going strong protected by the anti poaching rangers of The Sumatran Tiger Trust!!


Gogan pictured 2008

Gogan pictured 2008

Christina photographed for the first time in 2008

Gogan and Christina's Cubs photographed for the first time in 2008

Gogan and Christina's Cubs 2008

Gogan pictured 22.03.2010

Gogan pictured 23.03.2010

Gogan pictured 27.03.2010

Gogan pictured 28.03.2010

Gogan pictured 29.03.2010

Gogan pictured 03.04.2010

Gogan pictured 03.05.2010

 Adopt Gogan for £20 and help fund his survival today!! 


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