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Jan - June 2007

June. Second school opens - funded by STT

The second school at Sadan Orchard is opened today. The school has been funded by the STT.

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June. New Tiger photos arrived

Caught on a remote camera, new tiger photos are just in.

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June. Motorbikes funded by STT

Patrol around Bukit Tigapuluh by motorbike, funded by the STT being used in the field.

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May. Annual Report Way Kambas NP

The annua report sent from Way Kambas shows everything the team have done between 2007 and 2008

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May. Workshop for the local communities

Workshop held in Bukit Tigapuluh to teach the local community about the regulations of the forest

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May. Teams recieve new essential equipment

Vital new equipment arrives from STT to help teams work more efficiently

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April. Annual Report Bukit Tigapuluh NP

Revealing the mystery of Bukit Tigapuluh NP

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April. SENEPIS - latest

Government create corridor to Dumai causing major problems in Senepis.

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April. Protecting the tiger faced mushroom - rare Rafflesia monitoring

Report on the monitoring of Cendawan Muka Rimau

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January. A week on patrol.

A week on patrol in Bukit Duabelas National Park.

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