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1. Kayu Bajak Lingga; 2. Kayu Jambu-jambu;  3. Kayu Balam: Palaquium macrocarpum;  4.  Kayu Bintangor; 5.  Kayu Punak; 6.  Kayu Ramin; 7.  Kayu Serapat

The Kayu Malam (EBENACEAE: Diospyros graciflora) is generally found in the poorer kerangas forests; its timber is used for house and furniture construction.  It is closely related to true ebony trees - the local name kayu malam means “night wood”, a reference to the dark colour of the wood, which makes it valuable for furniture.  The fruit of this tree are eaten by wild animals (it is also distantly related to the persimmon).

The Bintangor (GUTTIFERAE: Calophyllum biflorium) is a building timber, also used for constructing furniture; its fruit is relished by wild boar. The family name “Guttiferae” means “latex bearing”; and the latex of a number of species from this family has medicinal uses.  (For example, the species Garcinia hanburyi produces “gamboge”, a yellow pigment which was also used as a strong purgative, and after which the country Cambodia was named)  A related Bintangor variety yields a substance that is being evaluated for the treatment of HIV.



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