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A typical tour of duty with an Anti Poaching team
By David S Gill, Chairman, The Sumatran Tiger Trust.

 A very early start is made to avoid the hottest part of the day. The next day's trail is through vast grassland areas in the centre of the national park. These areas support large numbers of deer and pigs...the staple diet of Sumatran Tigers. The sun is very hot and the weight of the backpacks seems more with every step.


The first camera of the day is on the edge of the grasslands where tigers move in and out of the forest areas. We take off our shirts to dry them out because it is so hot and humid.

Once again the used film is removed containing the evidence of what passed by the camera since the team last changed the film. The whole process of cleaning and replacing batteries and replacing films is time consuming yet very important . Training for forest guards is complex so that the information we get is clear and detailed.


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