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A typical tour of duty with an Anti Poaching team
By David S Gill, Chairman, The Sumatran Tiger Trust.

The next day it is a hard walk covered in forest leaches and dreaming of a safe bathe in clean water and a proper meal. The walk through the forest brings us around to the main river called Way Kambas. This is what the National Park is named after. We have provided the teams with boats, vehicles and all their equipment to do this vital work, as well as their wages to support their families in the local villages.

This was the full Way Kambas team back in 1998. Dr. Ron Tilson (second from left at back) is with the team here. It was his vision and determination to help save the Sumatran Tiger that made the project start and what we do today possible. The team has matured and developed since then , but the key personnel are still with us and are the most experienced field researchers and protection staff in Indonesia.

 This is the Way Kanan headquarters of the project for the first five years….this is now a PHKA forest guard post and still a vital part of the protection of the forest from human interference. A decent bunk and a well earned hot meal are enjoyed by the teams here after that hard, tiring and dangerous trek...working to save the last Sumatran Tigers.

We have the vision. We have the tools. We now need the resources to carry out our plan. Please help us.


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